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Will Lawsuits bring clarity into some open scientific questions ?

If there is ever going to be some clarity coming into the Questions “does HIV cause AIDS?” and “does HCV cause Hepatitis-C?” it may well be through lawsuits or other legal action brought by people who have been labelled HIV+ or HCV+ ( or their relatives ) and have personal experience with the anti-retroviral drugs.

There are quite a number of websites where one can read critical comments about the “HIV causes AIDS” and “HCV causes Hepatatis-C” Hypotheses. Many books have been printed where shortcommings of the “Virus causes Sickness” theories have been pointed out in detail. Hundreds of doctors worldwide raise there warning voices, many articles have been published in scientific journals and some couragous journalist turned their investigative minds into the topics... Yet mainstream media covers those critical views only rarely. Why ? This is a question and a half...

On cancer treatments, there are concepts from a biological, rather then chemical point of view. It is known by now, that many anti-bacteriological therapies have longterm problems, because bacteria develop an ever increasing resistance to anti-biotic substances. About these and other topics, one can read in mainstream media. So why is it, that the “aids-controversy” isn´t been published on a much wider scale? Could you image i.e. cnn broadcasting all day long “HIV was never proven” who knows, it may even happen one day...       

Perhaps some fair and unbiased court decisions could awaken a wider interest by the media and general public.

We hope that these pages will help those taking up legal action, and provide background information for lawyers, legal personnel and anyone dealing with these complex topics, with view of achieving fair and unbiased judgements.


What is needed to prove or disprove the HIV theory of AIDS?

There are three ways to resolve this debate:

The first is to perform isolation experiments to prove whether or not a retrovirus HIV truly exists in AIDS patients or in anyone. These experiments are documented in the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel report. The report can be read or downloaded HERE.The cost of such experiments would be modest by AIDS research standards. Approximately $US100K and take 6-12 months to perform.

The second is to garner enough public opinion to mandate a public debate between a small number of protagonists and dissidents. This debate should be international, public and adjudicated by a number of disinterested scientists of Nobel Laureate class who must present the international community with a resolution as to the way forward.

The third is for HIV seropositive individuals to have the evidence for their diagnoses of "HIV" infection examined in courts of law.     Statement by: The Perth Group


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