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Prof. Peter Duesberg's story on AZT, more about the AZT epidemic, and his evidence that AZT accelerates death, and his study on the drug's toxicity.


Paper by Papadopulos et al. explaining why AZT cannot work against HIV.


Vivienne Vermaak made a short documentary on AZT for South African TV. It was broadcasted in December 1999. Read the transcript, or watch (Real player needed) a low quality 20 kbps stream (for slow modems), a 34 kbps stream, and a 80 kbps stream (higher quality, for fast connections).

       The London production company Meditel, specialised in TV-programmes on science, medicine and general health issues, made a documentary about AZT, broadcasted by UK's Channel 4 in 1992. You can watch (Real player needed) this 40 minutes documentary online. (see transcript) There is a low quality 20 kbps stream (for slow modems), a 34 kbps stream, and a 80 kbps stream (higher quality, for fast connections).


Read the online book 'Debating AZT; Mbeki and the AIDS Drug Controversy' by Anthony Brink.

Other books about AZT are John Lauritsen's book 'Poison by Prescription', Bruce Nussbaum's 'Good Intention', and Martin Walker's 'Dirty Medicine'. 

"Co-factors" cause AIDS

By Roberto Giraldo, MD

Since it has never been scientifically proven that HIV destroys the immune system and causes AIDS (1), investigators who enthusiastically defend HIV as the cause of the syndrome have proposed a vast variety of agents as helpers or 'co-factors" of HIV in the genesis of AIDS (2,3). However, these "co-factors" are by themselves causal agents of immunedeficiency and can generate AIDS with or without the presence of a positive result on the antibody tests for HIV (4,5). I do prefer to name the so-called "co-factors" immunological stressor agents that can have chemical, physical, biological, mental, and nutritional origin (6,7).

The following are some of the agents that have been proposed as "co-factors" for HIV: alcohol, cocaine, heroine, morphine, marihuana, cigarette smoking, amphetamines, volatile inhalants like "poppers", environmental chemical pollutants, allergens, CMV, herpes virus type 1, 2 & 6, herpes zoster, EBV, adenovirus, retroviruses other than HIV, hepatitis A, B & C viruses, papovavirus, mycoplasmas and other superantigens, tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, trypanosomiasis, filariasis, other tropical diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, semen, blood, factor VIII, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and rest, exhaustible exercise, unsanitary conditions, poverty, malnutrition and several vitamin deficiencies (2,3,8-11).

Let us see briefly how multiple, repeated and chronic exposure to immunological stressor agents - "co-factors" - can degenerate the immune system and cause AIDS:

Practically every single medicament from the following groups have been found to have immunotoxic properties: antibiotics; antifungal, antiviral, and antiparasitic agents; tranquilizers, antiepileptics, antiparkinson, and anesthetics; antihypertensive, anti? anginal, and antiarrhythmic drugs; gastrointestinal medications; antidiabetics, antithyroid drugs, and sex hormones including oral contraceptives; antiallergics; bronchodilating agents; anticoagulants, drugs acting on fibrinolysis, blood expanders, clotting factors, and inhibitors of platelet aggregation; non?steroidal anti?inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, antirheumatismal, and anti gout drugs; and immunodepressive and immunomodulating drugs such as antitumoral drugs and medications to avoid graft rejection (12-14). The immunotoxicity of AZT has been solidly documented (15-18).  

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