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HIV Critics claim, that it has not been prooven, that HIV is the cause of Aids and question the testing methods, point out that i.i.e. HIV has not been isolated, nor puryfied nor photographed.

HIV: Against science

by Roberto A. Giraldo, Michael Ellner, Celia Farber, Barnett J. Weiss,
Francis R. Buianouckas, Tom DiFerdinando, Ray Vagg, and Edward A. Lieb

HIV stands for "Human Immune deficiency Virus." But, of course, no scientist today still believes HIV is a virus. Most call it a retrovirus, some more advanced researchers call it a harmless viral particle.

The history of medicine mirrors the advances in microscopes. Each stronger microscope reveals new stuff. Doctors and drug companies immediately posit that this new little thing is the "probable cause" of whatever condition lacks a profitable treatment. Then they devise a way to kill the new speck - or at least measure it.

Retroviruses, being smaller than viruses, were discovered more recently than the "HIV" label. Unlike viruses, which can live outside of the body, retroviruses are not complete beings. They can only live in another complete being. If retroviruses killed their host human, they would soon die out. So whatever little we know about the HIV retrovirus, we do know that it does not directly kill humans.

A more advanced view appears below as: A Theory of Retrovirus.

The treatment and prevention of AIDS with antiretroviral medications is based on a singular set of well known beliefs: that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by a virulent virus called HIV; that HIV belongs to family of retroviruses; that AIDS can therefore be treated with antiretroviral drugs; that AIDS is a transmissible disease that is transmitted through body fluids including blood, genital secretions, and breast milk; that a positive result on the so-called "AIDS test" is indicative of infection with HIV; that once positive on the "AIDS test" the individual will develop AIDS; that a person who reacts positive on the "AIDS test" can prevent the development of AIDS by using several antiretroviral drugs; that the consumption of antiretroviral drugs will prevent the transmission of HIV from HIV positive pregnant women to their babies; that the use of antiretroviral drugs is safe and free of harmful effects; and that, therefore, it is rational to treat and to prevent AIDS with antiretroviral medications.

However, not a single one of the above beliefs can be scientifically substantiated. On the contrary, there are many scientific facts indicating that: the tests used for the diagnosis of HIV are extraordinarily inaccurate; that being HIV positive does not mean that the person is infected with HIV, the so-called "AIDS virus"; that there are more than 70 different non-HIV related reasons to have a positive result on the "AIDS test"; that the transmission and infectivity of AIDS is not real; that the risk of developing AIDS after being labeled "HIV positive" is unknown; that HIV is not the cause of AIDS; that HIV may not even exist as a virus; that what is called "AIDS" is a toxic and nutritional syndrome; that all antiretroviral drugs are highly toxic to humans; that the antiretroviral medications can by themselves cause AIDS; and that pregnant women, infants, and children are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of antiretroviral medication.

It is not only irrational but indeed unethical to treat or prevent AIDS with toxic antiretroviral drugs in anybody. Besides that, it is contrary to common sense to treat or prevent a highly toxicological syndrome with even more toxicity. 

aids critics books from

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