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Chaotic World or Universal Order ?

Earth - our beautyfull blue little planet - could be paradise... instead there are wars, illness, suffering and emotional conflicts dominating the headlines in the media.

On one hand, we have astronauts risking their lifes when exploring outer space. We send robots to mars and to other planets. Maybe, eventually we might be able to cummunicate with civilisations in another hemisphere. Who kwows? Global communications are as fast as never before. We, the first generation of the internet society, can send messages from one country to another within minutes or even seconds.Yes, humanity at large is evolving at an unprecedented pace.

On the other hand, millions of people havn´t even got clean drinking water, the most common reason for infections, illnes, diseases of various kind and eventually painfull death. Somehow this planet is out of balance. Somewhere there must be a solution. Somehow the principle of ”money over value” - the very cause for most problems - must be replaced by ”value over money” - the approach that true quality will benefit one another... 

This website may be understood as a small contribution in helping to relief pain, illness, physical and mental suffering, anxiety or emotional disturbances. In this respect, we will list here some other websites, which propagate a world of love and understanding. Some religious, cultural, social and political organisations, groups and communities who strive for peace are listed below. (alphabetical order)

Amitabha Songs

Amnesty International

Declaration of the Religions for a Global Ethic

Green Peace

United Nations






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