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Hepatitis is the largest single illness on our planet !!

Hepatitis is the largest single illness on our planet !! Worldwide, doctors estimate vary between 170 million people infected by hepatitis-c and about 300 - 500 million people infected with other forms of hepatitis. These firgures are hard to define excatley, since there are many countries, where statistics are not avalaible and if one includes co-infections and summationary factors (plus people who are not aware of there medical missfunctions) there are  many, many people affected by some form of hepatitis or another...

The prime causes for Hepatitis are UNHIGYNIC DRINKING WATER, which in many countries people are forced to drink, due to lack of appropriate facilities. Furtheron, lack of clean sanitary equippment, undernourishment, onesided nutrition, stress - as well as abuse of drugs and alkohol can cause strain on the liver and may lead to disfunctions.

The most questionable cause however is the fact, that there are quite a number of chemicals or pharmacyticals sold as “medicines” - which create a constant strain and/or irritation for the liver and may cause eventually a fibrosis or a zhirroses. This aspect of so called “medicines” causing a disfunction of the liver is not only a medical, but also a moral and ethical question of highest importance and should be discussed - without any prejudice - in order to eliminate these causes.

As a matter of fact, the main reason why some of these so called “medicines” are given to suffering people, is the GREED for profit from some of the manufactures and their shareholders. Unfortunately, we largly live in an economic system ( called shareholder value) where NOT the quality of the product, but profit maximisation is the only, sometimes ruthlessly applied method, through which success or unsucccess is measured. There are even doctors who claim, that some of the so called “medicines” are deliberatly sold to increase illness, rather than help...


Hepatitis-c count for about 1% in the western world, and is hard to difine in numbers in many poorer countries, because there are no adequate statistics. Hepatitis-A and Hepatitis-B are in some countries as widespread as 6-10% of the population.

We call upon all organisations and governments to form a global alliance against the causes of hepatitis. Regardless of nationality, race, religion, sex, age, wealth or other divisionary human factors... THE FIGHT 4 A HEALTHY WORLD IS A MUST !!!!







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