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shamanic sounds boosting your immunsystem

The right music can be, especially with heavy illnesses, be an enormous help to “swith off” from worries and fear into the future.  Sounds can awaken new associations, Rhythms may deepen the feeling of being one with the universal spirit, songs may transcent hope ...


Shamanic Journey Drumming
by Evelyn Rysdyk & C. Allie Knowlton

Editorial Reviews - From the Artist
"Our desire was to produce a shamanic drumming recording of the highest possible quality, using state of the art recording and mastering techniques to support the listener in expanding their consiousness and more fully exploring the richness of our human experience."

About the Artist
C. Allie Knowlton and Evelyn C. Rysdyk have taught workshops across the US and Canada and have helped hundreds of people through their private shamanic healing practice, Spirit Passages.

Both women have dedicated their entire lives to the ancient, Earth-centered, visionary ways of the shaman and are committed to working with Spirit and assisting people to remember their sacred connections to All That Is.

Album Description
Album Description Consciousness-altering rhythms for shamanic journeying, meditation or dreaming.   
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Amazon Drumming To Journey                                               by Kay Cordell Whitaker

Review: Right off the bat, this CD is different than other Drumming CDs I have heard. The pace of the drumming isn't the fast pace I've used most often. It is slower and uses what I know of as the heartbeat of the Earth. This might not be the Amazon meaning, but it helps me: for me the first beat is stronger and I feel the Mother Earth; in the second, softer beat I feel all the beings on the Earth. A low-voiced chanting and a gentle deer-toe rattle can be heard throughout the CD.

This drumming CD brought clarity to my journeys. I normally get repeated phrases when I journey. With this CD, those phrases become an exciting real dialogue where I can be fully interactive and get more complete answers to my questions. I think the slower pace gets me to slow down and be able to listen better. I find the rattle very soothing and the chanting brings a strong feeling of support to my journeys.

I'm very grateful for the diversity in drumming style and experience that "Amazon Drumming To Journey By” 
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Feet in the Soil, Vol. 2
by James Asher

Hey, "Feet in the Soil" is my favourite James Asher CD, followed by "Tigers of the Raj". When New Earth came out with a "Tigers of the Raj-Remix" CD, I thought Id give it a try. Well, I gotta admit that I didn't really like it much. This CD, "Feet in the Soil-2", is anouther story entirely. The remixes here don't get too cluttered up with overdubbed "canned" sounds, and instead focus on what made Feet in the Soil so good to begin with---the MUSIC and the drums! The mixing on this CD is done by Grahame Gerard, and he has done a great job. The 64 track mix includes live music with some of the "canned" sounds, but concentrates on showcasing the "real" stuff. The rhythms are pure fun and very danceable. Adding the vocals and dubbing in the additional beats and sounds, such as digeridoo, make for a complete package. The mix is great and moves "Feet in the Soil-2" to up into the dance-trance groove category! A real work of art!    order now...






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