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Critical Voices about the “HIV causes Aids” Hypotheses

There are a number of aids critics books being published, to shine some light onto the ongoing controversy. What really causes Aids? Why are aidscritics questioning the “HIV causes AIDS” hypothesis? What questions do the aids critics raise?

On the 23rd April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo held a press conference and declared that he had probably found a virus which causes Aids. Since that day, an unprecedented hysteria has been portrait by thousands of scientific and mainstream publications. However, thre is a growing number of top doctors, scientists and dedicated journalists, who question the validity of the “HIV causes AIDS” Hypotheses. In view of the dramatic consequences of the “HIV causes AIDS” theory, we strongly support the critical voices, which we regard as valid, but are not not represented fairly in mainstream media. Here is therefore a first list of books being published from aids critics worldwide. Please do understand, that there are differences of opinion on details, but all aids critics agree, that the “HIV causes AIDS” hypotheses cannot be right in the way it has been published so far... 


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Get all the Facts                                                                                        Author: Mohammed Al-Bayati

Review: Reviewer: Larry J. Boyd from Suisun City, California U.S.A
Toxicologist Saves Patients Life!

My name is Larry J. Boyd; I am the patient that Dr. Al-Bayati makes mention Of within the covers of his very exciting and extremely powerful Book, "Get All The Facts HIV does not cause AIDS," Dr. Al-Bayati's very eloquently Profiles my case in the Preface, as well as the Introduction and other Specific areas of his book.

I decided to make my story public because the information in this book saved My life and I want to tell the entire world about it in able to take advantage of This unique and exciting opportunity.

Briefly, a mutual medical professor acquaintance that recognized the Severity of my Illness introduced me to Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Bayati. Dr. Al-Bayati Graciously Intervened at that time in my behalf and completed an in-depth, comprehensive And completely neutral medical review and evaluation of my case records. His Conclusions were that my diagnosed illness, Pulmonary Fibrosis. had been Produced by my exposure to JP-4 & JP-8 Aviation Fuels plus other toxic Chemicals in the workplace. Kerosene, one of the key ingredients of Jet Fuel Also created lesions in my airways, lungs, and other tissues, as well as Instituting memory loss, but, unfortunately, my HMO was bewildered for the Reason my overall general health was progressively deteriorating at an Alarming rate, and, was completely unresponsive to Steroid treatments.

Thus, further in-depth Toxicological and Pathological investigations were Warranted by Dr. Al-Bayati, he discovered that the steroid treatments, Prednisone and Azathioprine had completely destroyed my immune system and Were the Culprits that were not allowing my bodily systems to repair themselves. In Essence my HMO gave me the appearance of medication induced "Aids." Furthermore, they were unable to profile this element of my illness, merely Telling me my body was eating itself up and they were unable to stop it's Progression.

Indeed, it was an enlightening day for me when my HMO pulmonary physician Called me at home and informed me that he had spoken to Dr. Al-Bayati at his Office in Dixon, CA and had discussed my case in detail with him, moreover through Dr. Al-Bayati's recommendation; my treatment with steroids was Being terminated. My CD4+ T cells counts was 255/ul, furthermore I was cured from AIDS following 22 days Of my last dose of prednisone intake, my CD4+ T cells Count was 657/ul of blood.

Dr. Al-Bayati's book, specifically chapter 14, makes mention of a powerful Antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), also called thioctic Acid. I started Taking this over the counter antioxidant at 500 mg daily and within a few Months was walking up to ten miles a day, all the while carrying my portable Oxygen tank.

I wish to attest to the fact that without Dr. Al-Bayati's vast knowledge of The Toxicological & Pathological fields, his professionalism, his integrity, And most of all, his intervention in my case, I would not be alive today to Give this testimony. When at my very worst, I had possibly less than 30 days To survive.

An individual of Dr. Al-Bayati's status would cost an insurmountable amount Of money to retain, but this gentle giant of a man, who clearly saved my Life, has not asked me for one red cent, choosing to call our relationship a Gift from God. I am absolutely swollen with pride to call this man a friend.

In addition to my own experience, which was getting AIDS from my treatment? With corticosteriods for lung fibrosis, moreover being cured by Dr. Al-Bayati. I have read His book and can highly recommend it for people with AIDS, HIV+, HIV- or any Person with a chronic illness. The information in his book is practical and Diagnostic and will definitely save many lives as well as vital resources.

Larry J. Boyd

Dr. M. Al Bayati


The Cure for HIV / Aids                                                                          Author: Hulda R. Clark

Reviews: Stephen Jackson (see more about me) from Texas, USA
It is clearly a highly controversial issue... HIV, AIDS, Parasites, Herbs, and "electroshock" therapy! Dr. Hulda Clark has been dismissed as a charlatan, a con artist, and a quack, but there is a HUGE world wide following of her practices and methods. While I do not have first hand experience with either HIV, or cancer, I did purchase the Cure for All Diseases, the Cure for All Cancers, and the Cure for HIV/AIDS out of both curiosity, and the desire to maintain an open mind and informed opinion of the alternative therapies in question. After reading most of the Cure for All Diseases, I would say that much of Dr. Clark's work is rooted in firm scientific reason and simply explores pathways of healing that no longer seem in "vogue" in a todays highly clinical and "drug-happy" medical society. I cannot recommend that someone suffering from HIV/AIDS quit their medications and immediately jump both feet first into this methodology. I CAN recommend that anyone who recognizes the value of natural healing and alternative medicine to STRONGLY consider SUPPLEMENTING their current course of treatment with the steps outlined in the book. If anything, the basic methods of preventing re-infestations and cleaning your environment will support better immune function.. and, who knows?! Some may experience a decreased or zero count viral load as a result of the combined therapies.. I will all of you reading this the best of both worlds, but please make an informed choice and be open to non-traditional medical doctrines.. Much of what we know of medicine, and many of our most potent "drugs" are developed ot derived from traditional medicines and plants.


Clark, Hulda R.


Science Fictions A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-up and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo                                                                                    Author: John Crewdson

Editorial Reviews from Science Fictions recounts the most notorious biomedical scandal of our times: the Robert Gallo affair. It is not, author John Crewdson says, "about AIDS. Nor is it really about science." Indeed. It is a tale of behavior most base in circles most rarified.

In 1983 Gallo, of the National Cancer Institute, and a group of scientists at Paris's Pasteur Institute announced their isolating of separate AIDS viruses. The stakes--moneyed prizes and patents, not to mention cures--were stratospheric. By 1985, the Pasteur Institute filed suit claiming that Gallo--whose discovery was actually a dead end--had appropriated "their" virus as his own. In 1992, the National Academy of Sciences agreed, accusing Gallo of "intellectual recklessness" and "essentially immoral" behavior.

This definitive, chilling book is also, unfortunately, a daunting one. Its sheer size--notes, glossary, and list of characters alone occupy 100 pages--and scientific complexity will defeat all but the most determined and scientifically informed reader. --H. O'Billovitch

From Publishers Weekly Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Crewdson (The Tarnished Door) provides a comprehensive and compelling examination of the controversy surrounding the discovery of the AIDS virus. Although the basic facts of the story have been documented before, largely via Crewdson's reporting in the Chicago Tribune, the level of detail and drama here is unprecedented. By quoting extensively from interviews with many of the principals, from the public record and from documents obtained via the federal Freedom... read more --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Book Description In this riveting, magisterial narrative, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Crewdson shows how one of America's star bioscientists falsely claimed to have been the first to isolate the AIDS virus, then garnered the resulting honors and riches at the expense of the true discoverers in Paris; how the Reagan and Bush administrations struggled to cover up the truth; and how it all finally came out anyway, at the expense of the reputations of celebrated scientists and important government officials. SCIENCE FICTIONS is an arresting tale of vanity, corruption, greed, mendacity, and cutthroat competition-an enthralling revelation of how big bioscience really works today.


Crewdson, John


Inventing the Aids Virus                                                                       Author: Peter H. Duesberg

Editorial Reviews From Booklist At last! This is the book every AIDS-watcher has been awaiting, in which the most prominent and persistent critic of HIV as the cause of AIDS presents his case most exhaustively and popularly. Duesberg, himself a virologist, stoutly maintains that HIV cannot cause AIDS because it fails to meet the rules by which a virus is implicated as disease-causing. He says that the causes of AIDS in First World countries most probably are overuse of toxic drugs--by legal prescription (e.g., AZT) as well as illicit use (e.g., the nitrite inhalants known as poppers that are used to enhance sexual capability)--and multiple and repeated infections with venereal diseases; in the Third World, they are malnutrition and maladies (e.g., tuberculosis) rare in wealthy nations but still prevalent in poor ones as well as, again, substance abuse. Duesberg massively documents and cogently argues these positions but not before laying out the historic and political reasons why most members of his profession and related medical specialists seized on a viral causation for AIDS. Basically, virologists wanted another success like that with polio and, frustrated by complete failure to find viral causes for cancer, took up AIDS as the perfect challenge as well as, once HIV was discovered, a ticket for prolonging their first-class ride on the medical research gravy train. Strong stuff, but Duesberg has never been alone in this analysis or in his scientific arguments. He has never before gathered his case together and presented it to the general public, though, so regard this book as a milestone essential to any collection concerned with AIDS. Ray Olson

From Kirkus Reviews A well-credentialed scientist's hard-driving attack on the accepted view that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by HIV. Duesberg (Molecular biology/Univ. of Calif., Berkeley), an early researcher in the field of retroviruses, asserts that HIV, like virtually all retroviruses, is harmless. He finds that HIV meets none of the usual criteria (such as the six laws of virology) used to establish that a microbe causes disease. But if that is so, why do scientists persist in saying that AIDS is an... read more

Book Description "We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake. I say this rather strongly as a warning. Duesberg has been saying it for a long time. Read this book." --Kary B. Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993

Duesberg, Peter H.


The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS: How a Tragedy Has Been Distorted by the Media and Partisan Politics
Author: Michael Fumento

Review: Stephen M. St. Onge (see more about me) from Mpls, MN USA
In the early days of the epidemic, it was rational to worry that AIDS might 'explode through the general population.' Once the HIV virus was isolated, and a little known about how it spread, it became obvious that it just wasn't possible.

Back in 1987, Michael Fumento wrote an article in Commentary which told why the general heterosexual population was not at signifigant risk for AIDS. He thought everyone would be glad to know that tens of millions of USAmericans would NOT die of an incurable disease associated with incredible suffering.


Lots of people wanted everyone at risk, or, at least, wanted everyone to believe that everyone was at risk, regardless of whether or not it was true. Fumento was denounced, harassed, and, lied about for stating that most AIDS victims would continue to be male homosexuals, IV drug users, women in a long term relationship with men in the first two groups, and children of women with HIV.

The terrible thing is, that, by saying "Everyone is equally at risk," those at high risk didn't get the information they needed to protect themselves. Thousands died in the U.S. because they were deliberately misinformed about AIDS by those with political agendas to push -- agendas they weren't willing to argue for honestly.

Thirteen years later, the story continues. Very few cases of AIDS are contracted heterosexually, except for the women sleeping regularly with bisexuals and drug users, and Fumento continues to be denounced. Even people whom came to agree with him, such as Gabriel Rotello, felt it necessary to say nasty things about him -- things that weren't true, by the way. And those whom WANT heterosexuals to be at high risk for AIDS continue to claim Fumento was wrong, as you can see by looking at some other reviews on this page.

The one thing you won't see is facts to back up their assertions, for the simple reason that there are none.

Read this book if you want a fascinating account of how the truth about a terrible disease was surpressed. And check out to find out the latest lies being spread about AIDS -- but only if you value the truth above political correctness.
buy here

Fumento, Michael


Healing HIV: How To Rebuild Your Immune System
Author: Jon D. Kaiser

Reviews: With so many books written for advanced HIV and AIDS, this one stands alone. It is the perfect resource for someone who is recently infected. It also is a great resource for others, but this is the only book I re-read and refer to time and time again. I even met Dr. Kaiser for a consultation, and he offered pratical advice that focuses on overall health. I see a difference already, and I'm still med free and doing great! If you have or know someone with HIV - this is a MUST have. If you know someone who recently discovered their HIV status or who recently became infected, read this book ASAP and bring it to your HIV specialist right away.

“This book has caused me to look at my HIV infection much differently. Unlike many HIV/AIDS "experts" out there, Dr. Kaiser does not advocate any one way to treat HIV. His two-pronged approach.. Natural & Herbal remedies and when needed, retrovirals, makes sense even to those of us who are new to this whole thing. For example, Dr. Kaiser recommends testing for any intestinal parasites or abnormalities BEFORE initiating drug therapy. Many times parasites are present, and the drugs irritate them causing much discomfort. Doctors take the person off that regimen and switch them to a new one thereby eliminating one possible combination that can be used in the future. Having knowledge of the presence of a parasite BEFORE starting the drugs allows a doctor to treat thus eliminating possible "side effects". The nutritional information in this book is also very helpful. I read this book twice- The second time I took LOTS of notes and wrote down many questions to ask my doctor should the need arise. This book is worth many times what I spent on it....”


Kaiser, Jon D.



The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering, and Genocide from the Medical Industrial Complex
Author: John Lauritsen

Review: John Lauritsen has easily written more on HIV, "AIDS", AZT, the "AIDS" dissent movement, and the gay health crisis than any other journalist alive. It is a pity then, that most people are unaware of his brilliant writings. In "The AIDS War", Lauritsen brings together a collection of previously published articles together with new material, and the result is a shocking and often frightening story of political and social ideology run amok. Lauritsen pulls no punches; his reporting embodies a cool detachment, a striking sense of logic and reason amidst a sea of hysteria, and an unflinching moral commitment. He reports what he sees -- NOT what people wish to hear. My prediction is this -- fifty years from now, long after the lessons of this tragic affair have been drawn, future generations will look back upon the writings of John Lauritsen as priceless historical documents, and harrowing evidence of the mass delusions and hallucinations of which even the most intelligent and thoughtful individuals are capable. A list of John Lauritsen's articles dating from 1985 may be found at:

Lauritsen, John


What if everything you thought you knew about aids was wrong?                                                                                                     Author: Christine Maggiore

Editorial Reviews: Ian Young Author, The Stonewall Experiment: A Gay Psychohistory “ A succinct summary of the gaping holes in the official view of AIDS, this book has become an underground classic. Christine Maggiore, whose own HIV positive diagnosis didn't stop her from disobeying the authorities and giving birth to a healthy child, challenges all the politically correct opinions about the health crisis. A straightforward, jargon-free little book that provides volumes of highly explosive intellectual ammunition in its brief pages." --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Harvey Bialy, PhD Editor at large, Nature Biotechnology "Clear, concise and completely accurate, Maggiore's powerful little book is highly recommended reading for anyone who has ever had the doubt about any aspect of the 'global AIDS pandemic,' and is absolutely compulsory reading for those few never have." --This text refers to the Paperback edition.”

Book Description: A concise and convincing case that AIDS is nothing like what we have been told. Using simple, straightforward language, this book deconstructs popular myths about AIDS and fortifies its scientific data with powerful accounts from HIV positives who, like author Christine Maggiore, defy the HIV=AIDS=Death paradigm by living in wellness without pharmaceutical treatments and without fear of AIDS. This is vital information for anyone who has tested HIV positive and important reading for erveryone who has ever lived or loved in fear.


Maggiore, Christine






Dancing naked in a Mine Field                                                             Author: Kary Mullis

Editorial Reviews from Kary Mullis won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction, a chemical procedure that allows scientists to "see" the structures of the molecules of genes. Mullis is no shy, socially inept bench chemist, though; on the contrary, he has led as big and full a life as possible, opening himself to experiences like hallucinogenic drugs, surfing, casually handling dangerous chemicals, and taking shots at the sacred cows of science. Dancing Naked in the Mind Field is Mullis's own chronicle of his adventures, from wooing countless women to possibly being abducted by aliens, and it's a funny, shocking tale indeed. This man certainly doesn't suffer from lack of self-esteem, and yet you might want him along on a trip to the astral plane, say, or a tour of the human genome. Mullis is a fascinating character and his autobiography will put to rest forever the stereotype of scientist as skeptical nerd


Mullis, Kary


AIDS, Inc.                                                                                                     Author: Jon Rappoport

Reviews: “This is a great book for those interested in alternative medicine and sceptical about conventional medicine. It includes a large bibliography of references and many case studies.”

“I am happy to (lovingly) write this review of Mr. Rappoport's excellent book. I happened upon this book in my search of the local library quite a few years ago now. I have since bought a copy of it, and recommend anyone who wants a complete library to do the same.
The discussion of poppers,Africa,and Koch's Postulates(aka Germ theory of Disease)are as true today as when he put his pen to paper. Also of note, the drawings are very,very cute and funny. They also make you think.
As a person who has had several friends murdered by their doctors or they have committed slow suicide by poppers or drug use,I hope you who read this review and book are able to disuade those whom you love and care about to stop taking (AZT,Combavir,Cocktail therapy,etc) or able to get them into drug treatment.”

Rappoport, Jon


Rethinking Aids                                                                                      Author: Robert S. Root-Bernstein

Editorial Reviews From Book News, Inc. Root-Bernstein (physiologist, Michigan State University) is among those who advocate a reappraisal of the current approach to AIDS, which views as an established fact that the presence of HIV is the sole and sufficient cause of the disease. He discusses anomalies, e.g. cases in which HIV has not caused the disease; explains the workings of the immune system and how HIV could be only one of a number of contributing factors, some of which are controllable. This line of thinking has not attracted the big money, perhaps because the research establishment is set up to study virus villains. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Ingram: Exploding the myths about the history and causes of AIDS, this look at the disease reviews the existing body of AIDS research to show that AIDS is not a recent development and that HIV is not necessarily its cause.

Root-Bernstein, Robert S.


Positively False                                                                                         Author: Joan Shenton

Reviews: Richard D. Rodriguez (see more about me) from Miami, FL USA
Shenton's book is the best work I've read yet that questions the link between HIV (or ANY virus, for that matter)and AIDS. Anyone who reads this book will be utterly transfixed by it. It is both fascinating and frightening to read about the unanswered questions that continue to vex scientists, researchers and the like about the supposed link between HIV and AIDS. What is more frightening, however, is the extent to which these individuals will go to prevent these gaps in AIDS theory from becoming public knowledge, and how they refuse even to entertain any other possible explanation(s) for AIDS other than their precious "virus." Meanwhile, people continue dying.”

“Shenton's telling of a decade of investigation is a complementary part of the AIDS puzzle in main started and mostly filled in by scientists Robert Root-Bernstein and Peter Duesberg; - and Shenton journalistic comrades such as Jad Adams and Michael Fumento. Deductive, objective analysis of all the medical "reporting" of the AIDS statistics have always led to the realization that "you can't get there from here" in trying to understand what the establishment (NIH, CDC, WHO, etc.) has almost successfully rammed down the throats of Americans, and in doing so has killed tens to hundreds of thousands of patients decades before their time. The immense value of Shenton's work is that it is a lifesaving read for those who want to make their own decisions when confronted by a blood test that comes back "positive" for HIV antibodies as one can then refuse to be a fatal victim of the toxic therapy that is currently in vogue, and in fact one can then proceed to take the proper steps to fully recovered health as pointed to by this book and the other authors cited above.”






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