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If you have never looked into the aids-controversy before, you may be surprised that there are quite a few books which having been written by top scientists and journalists. See below a brief selection.






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Doubting that HIV causes AIDS

Critics of the link between HIV and AIDS have raised the following key criticisms of the evidence:
 ** no animal model exists for AIDS; it is said to be impossible to inject an animal with HIV and cause AIDS
 ** viruses are said to cause disease quickly or never
 ** antibodies are usually protective, so why is it only HIV-positive people who develop AIDS?
 ** many cases of AIDS without HIV are claimed to exist, casting doubt on the role of HIV in the development of AIDS
 ** the failure of AIDS to spread outside the high risk groups is said to cast doubt on whether it is really an infectious disease
 ** HIV is claimed to be present in such low levels in the blood of people who are HIV- positive that it can't possibly cause disease. Furthermore, if it is so difficult to isolate, how come it's transmissible?
 ** the variance in the incubation period between infection with HIV and the development of AIDS is said to cast doubt on the link between HIV and AIDS
 ** the accuracy of tests for HIV is questioned

( this initial list below is broadly in alphabetical order and does not represent any other evaluation of content, validity or actuality... the list will be updated step by step )


 english general websites



english regional websites


PERTH GROUP Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos, Val Turner et al.




Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society


Dr. Wilhelm Godschalk´s Page







Duesberg, Prof Peter H. Molecular and Cell Biology / University of California, Berkeley.

Giraldo, Dr. Roberto A. Arzt für Infektions- und Tropenkrankheiten in New York City

Toxi-Health ( Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati )

french websites

Bienvenue au $IDASANTÉ website

german websites ( Herausgeber: Michael Nitsche) ( Herausgeber: Michael Leitner )


Kritische Befunde zum HI-Virus

Neue Medizin ( Herausgeber: Jürgen Faas ) ( H.-W. Leonhard und Ilse Lass )

Zobel, Gabi Interview

german doctors ad practitioners

Koehnlein Dr. Claus

Kremer Dr.

Lanka, Dr. Stefan

Sänger, Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig

spanish websites



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