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What is true about the various virological theories ?

Is HIV - the AIDS virus, harmless? Is AIDS not contagious? Are the HIV/AIDS tests worthless?  Is AIDS medication killing patients? Find out what the AIDS establishment and media do not want you to know...” more...

Viruses, in one way or another have been in the public focus over the last 20 - 30 years. Much has been written and hysteria been created by sections of the media. Reports over sexual transmission dominating the headlines and people who have been affected being looked on as a group of people destined to die. This website has been put together by people who are affected in one way or another, and we have a right to know the truth. Is it actually a virus that causes Aids ? Isn´t there another explaination for the cause of Hepatitis-C ? We cannot judge, whether the voices from critical scientist around the world are valid.

But what makes one wonder is the fact, that mainstream media don´t dare publishing these comments in order to contribute to an unbaised scientific discussion. Why is it, that only the President from South Africa has questioned the truth about HIV while the governments in the western world spend billions on research in finding the missing virus, but hardly spend anything on factual research? Wouldn´t it be a sensation, if it could be proved, that there is NO VIRUS HIV or HCV ?  Are the pressure groups right by demanding an unbiased scientific approach ? Why arn´t the critical voices from doctors heard in the corridors of power ? The questions are many, and we would like to know the truth, nothing but the truth !!  more...


critical scientific views on AIDS

by Anthony Brink - Foreword by Martin Welz
On 28 October 1999, South African President Thabo Mbeki ordered an enquiry into the safety of the AIDS drug AZT. He did so after reading this debate. Debating AZT has now been updated to reveal the President’s remarkable personal involvement in the subsequent controversy. It also takes a critical look at the roles of rape survivor Charlene Smith, acting Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron, and AIDS Law Project director Mark Heywood, and it exposes the dereliction of the medical experts and journalists on whom the South African public has relied. Described by South Africa’s top investigative journalist, Martin Welz, as “extraordinary”, Debating AZT tells the inside story and provides the shocking facts.  



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