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The legal disputes between Dr. Robert Gallo and Prof. Luc Montagnier

French Researchers Sue U.S. Over Who Isolated AIDS Virus

Chicago Tribune (CT) - Saturday December 14, 1985, Page: 3
PARIS - France's Pasteur Institute, which pioneered research into AIDS, said Friday it has filed suit against the United States to establish its claim that it discovered the deadly virus before American researchers.
"Very large sums" could be at stake in royalties from worldwide testing for AIDS, the institute's director, Raymond Dedonder, told a news conference.
"This isn't war with the Americans, not even with the (research) team in question. There is still cooperation and exchange of material and there are meetings on AIDS almost every week."  

 Allegations Overshadow Scientific Accomplishments

Almost a year before Gallo announced his findings, Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute had identified a virus he called LAV, though he was not able to prove that it caused AIDS. The two laboratories were cooperating with each other in the race to find the cause of AIDS and several samples of this virus had been sent to Gallo at the National Cancer Institute. The controversy which would embroil the American scientist's career for almost the next decade began when the United States government denied the French scientists a patent for the AIDS test and awarded one to his team insteadsource...

The Dangers of Trial by Dingell

by Bernadine Healy, MD

Columbus, Ohio - In 1991, shortly after becoming director of the National Institutes of Health, I was summoned to Capitol Hill by the staff of Representative John Dingell, the powerful Democratic chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The panel's Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, which he also led, wanted to discuss draft reports being prepared by the fraud office at N.I.H. on two high-profile scientific misconduct investigations.

In one, Dr. Thereza Imanishi-Kari, an immunologist, was accused of fabricating data to support a 1986 article in the journal "Cell." Her research had been conducted in collaboration with David Baltimore, a Nobelist who vehemently defended the findings. In the other, Robert Gallo, and Mikulas Popovic of the N.I.H., were accused of falsifying data in a study of the virus that causes AIDS.  

Legal Advice

Most aspects of Human Rights, medical ethics and legal rights have been violated by the AIDS establishment    source...

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