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JULY 22, 2001   
CONTACTS: Dr. Boyd E. Graves 330-744-5955                   
WFMJ - NBC (330)744-8611                 
   N.O.A.H - Zygote Media 800-257-9387      

(U.S.A) International human rights activist Dr. Boyd E. Graves presented the 1971 U.S. Special Virus Flowchart on national television during an interview with veteran talk show host Carl Bryant on DYNAMICS IN BLACK weekly television program today.   Dr. Graves is the discoverer of the secret 30 year old Research Logic Flow Chart which coordinates 15 years and 20,0000 secret virus development experiments.

The program's "research logic" details the creation and mass production of a new hybrid human retrovirus which depletes the human immune system. Dr. Graves says the secret virus program which officially concluded 1978 mass produced 60,000 liters of new viruses, and is responsible for today's global HIV/AIDS crisis. The evidence he presents are the actual NIH/NCI government contracts for the secretly tax payer funded biochemical weapons program, U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program (162-1978). The second part of Dr. Graves and the U.S. Special Virus Flow Chart interview airs next Sunday.

  "They have allowed pieces of the program to come out. In 1972 all concentration was to the Tuskegee Experiment, as if it was an isolated incident," says Dr. Graves. Now we know they were testing AIDS on Icelandic sheep in 1932 and 1933 - they are not disjointed experiments. They have been studying African sexual issues for the entire 20th century."  Dr. Graves v. The President of the United States of America U.S. Supreme Court Case No. 00-9587 demanding an immediate review of the U.S. Special Virus Flow Chart and the secret experiments the Flow Chart coordinates was denied without comment June 4, 2001. The Flow Chart has been reviewed and authenticated by medical doctors and scientists around the world since its 1999 discovery.  

Dr. Graves has demanded an immediate program review from top government officials and the scientist still living who were involved in the Special Virus program, including AIDS 'co-discoverer' Dr. Robert C. Gallo. During a February telephone interview, Dr. Gallo acknowledged his role as Special Virus Project Officer and his experiments which inoculated African Green Monkeys in 1971 inside the special virus program. Dr. Gallo could not explain the Multiply Spliced VISNA virus found inside AIDS to Dr. Graves. Dr. Gallo state he had been previously unaware of the U.S. Special Virus program's 1971 Flow Chart.  Now Gallo has been briefed on the 1971 Special Virus Flow Chart and his specific contracts NIH71-2025 U.S. Special Virus Cancer Program 1971 Progress Report #8 Pages 104 & 105 with the direct allegations which resulted. 

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