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Andre Chad Parenzee on Trial







The Andre Parenzee Aids Trial in Adelaide, Australia

In Adelaide, South Australia a court case takes place, which will have a great impact on the whole aids controversy. Andre Chad Parenzee is being charged on the criminal court having slept with 3 woman, while being diagnosed hiv positiv. One of the woman is apparently being infected through him.

However, since it is not conclusively proven that “HIV” is actually a selfreplicating microorganism, the defence claims, that Andre Parenzee should go free.

Justice John Sulan will have to make a very important decision. Either he follows the views presented by Prosecutor Sandi McDonald or he acknowledges the fact, that “HIV” has not been proven to exist as a selfreplicating micro-organism.

Parenzee's Lawyer, Kevin Borick, QC has called in the “Perth Group” to make statements on behave of the defence, while the prosecution has now even called in Prof. Robert Gallo, who is the main driving force behind the “hiv causes aids” theory. It was Gallo, who claimed on the 23rd April 1984 at a press conference in Washington, that he had “probaby” found the virus that cuses aids.

Prof. Robert Gallo has been involved in quite a few court cases. However, these lawsuits took place in the USA, while the present case happens in Sout Australia. This could make a lot of difference...Read more about Gallo and some of his court cases

The “Perth Group” is one of the leading teams worldwide, who challenge the “HIV causes AIds” dogma. Read more about the Perth Group

Insofar is this trial about the validity of the “hiv causes aids” theory, as much as the alleged “crime” of Andre Parenzee, who has slept with 3 woman, without telling them that he is hiv positive.

We strongly support the positions of the “Perth Group” and other aids critics worldwide, that “HIV has NOT been proven to exist as a selfreplicating micro-organism” and that the whole “hiv causes aids” theory needs re-addressing! Please add your comments on forums and send letters of concern to the editors of those newspapers who are reporting about this case...


Help Save Andre Parenzee

by Paul King 2007-02-09

Andre Parenzee represents all the victims of the HIV=AIDS Dogma. If we can keep him from his outrageously long jail sentence it will give new hope to victims of the dogma all over the world.

We sent about US$8000 to them to help pay for the expenses of Val and Eleni from the Perth Group to travel to testify as experts for the defence. That money has gone for these travel expenses plus the
outrageous cost of transcripts for the trial which are critically important to allow input from scientific and medical dissidents to be provided to the lawyers. Transcripts are posted as soon as I get them. see >>

It's no surprise that we need more money. Please consider making a donation. If you live in North America it's probably best to send to my society and I will consolidate the funds and do an international
transfer. Alternatively contact me for information on directly transferring the funds to Australia (fees are about $25-$50 for this, so it's not a good idea for a smaller donation). If you'd prefer to do a bank transfer to our society please let me know.

Every amount will be appreciated. Please send me an email when you drop a cheque in the mail.

100% of the funds, less only the bank fees, will be sent for this case.

Your assistance is desperately needed and will be greatly appreciated.

David Crowe
Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

Box 61037, Kensington PO
Calgary, AB, T2N 4S6

Please email me privately ( ) for information required for a direct bank transfer or for an address to express-mail a cheque. Make cheques out to "Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society".

see original posting @



Join in on the debates about this very important Court Case

There are quite a few discussions going on about this trial. Considering the impact, which the outcome of this case may have, take part in an active way. Join in and voice your opinion...

Forums to discuss the Paranzee Case


AIDS Myth Exposed (various topics) # HIV Adelaida trial

Dissident Action (various topics)


Publications where you can post your comments


Hogwash claim in HIV appeal

Quote: “Prof Gallo is the most eminent of several experts assembled by the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions to rebut allegations by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Dr Valendar Turner that AIDS does not exist and the HIV virus cannot be sexually transmitted.”  add your comments...


AdelaideNow... AIDS pioneer new star witness  

Quote: “Professor Robert Gallo has agreed to provide video evidence to rebut claims by two Perth researchers, Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Dr Valendar Turner, that the HIV virus does not exist and cannot be sexually transmitted.” add your comments...


Australian - Letters / Devoid of factual basis

Quote: "ANY chance The Australian could stop referring to HIV sceptics Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Val Turner as the Perth Group, a collective noun implying scientific credibility and significant following ("HIV experts line up to refute denier", 1/2)? They have neither." add your comments...


Press Reports about Andre Paranzee


"Dr Gallo, did you ever truly show that HIV causes AIDS?"

Quote: “The Aussies are finally doing what the US has so far failed to do - put HIV on trial - and now they are going to put Bob Gallo on the witness stand. This marks a watershed in the history of challenging the paradigm of HIV?AIDS, one that may be as important as the Harpers article by Celia Farber last February.

For the father of the so far unproven paradigm that HIV causes AIDS and its accompanying havoc has never been before a court before to answer sharp questions from legal minds on the reason and evidence behind his profitable claim.

Unless he can acquit himself satisfactorily, Gallo is likely to be subpoenaed in any number of similar cases, of which there have been five or six already in the US and Canada, resulting in individuals languishing in prison now for the crime of having sex without informing their partner of their HIV positive status.”   more...


Expert witness says HIV 'doesn't exist' - December 19, 2006

Quote: “Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos today told the South Australian Court of Criminal Appeal that no one had proven that HIV exists. Ms Papadopulos-Eleopulos is a witness in the appeal case of Andre Chad Parenzee, 35, who was convicted on January 31 this year of endangering the lives of three women. Parenzee had unprotected sex with the women, knowing he was HIV-positive.” more...


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