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AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe?

by Neville Hodgkinson,

Article published in: Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 87-120, 2003

Abstract - Despite more than $100 billion spent on AIDS by US taxpayers alone, scientists have not been able to ascertain how HIV causes the AIDS syndrome. Predictions about the course of the epidemic have proved inaccurate. While millions are said to be infected and dying in Africa, AIDS deaths have fallen in Europe and the USA and now total fewer than 250 a year in the UK, which has a population of nearly 60 million. Claims that cocktails of antiviral drugs are responsible for a decline in Western AIDS are unsupported by clear evidence. On the contrary, the US Government has reversed a policy of "hit hard, hit early" in HIV-positive people, citing "unexpected toxicities" from the drugs. The HIV theory of AIDS causation has fulfilled certain social and public health needs, but the scientific community has not acknowledged or addressed serious flaws in AIDS theory and medical practice, in particular a failure to validate "HIV" diagnostic tests against isolation of virus. Genetic and chemical signals produced by disordered immune cells may have been misinterpreted as evidence of the presence of a lethal virus. There is vast over-diagnosis of AIDS and "HIV disease" in Africa and other countries where malnutrition and grossly impoverished living circumstances, with associated infections, are the real killers. The harmful consequences of these mistakes and omissions are increasing now that the World Health Organisation and UNAIDS, convinced of an African pandemic, are urging finance ministers of African countries to devote more domestic funds to HIV/AIDS activities. On the other hand, if debt relief and other emergency aid for which UNAIDS is also campaigning are used appropriately, enormous relief of human suffering will be possible. A reasoned response from the scientific community to the full range of evidence challenging the HIV theory is overdue.   more...

Keywords: HIV---AIDS---HIV test---poverty---Africa---virus isolation

Neville Hodgkinson, 'AIDS; The Failure of Contemporary Science' Fourth Estate, London UK 1996, 420 pages, ISBN 1-85702-337-4.


Einstein's special theory of relativity was fundamentally flawed, argued Herbert Dingle, the science historian, some 30 years ago. Dingle set out his views in both specialised journals and general magazines, where they were repeatedly refuted. Yet in 1972 he published a book, Science at the Crossroads, which represented the story of his campaign on that single issue as a crisis for the whole of science. Among those he attacked for ignoring or suppressing his criticisms were the Royal Society, Nature and its editor John Maddox.

Now Neville Hodgkinson, too, has written a book that assails the same three targets. It follows a campaign, waged principally in The Sunday Times between 1991 and 1994, challenging the expert consensus that Aids is caused by a virus (HIV), that it threatens heterosexuals as well as homosexuals and that there is a serious epidemic in Africa. Hodgkinson was repeatedly attacked by both scientists and journalists, not least over reporting that could endanger lives by undermining health advice designed to reduce the transmission of HIV.

Two years ago, Hodgkinson left the paper and went to a retreat centre near Oxford where he ''soon re-established peace of mind''. Now he has produced a portrayal of the HIV story as ''a classic example of the dangers of narrow-focus science''. Hodgkinson hopes that ''when the illusions are shed and a clearer picture of Aids finally emerges, the enormity of what went wrong will be turned to good advantage by the world of science, as a catalyst for a radical rethink about its own observational methods, assumptions, and institutional checks and balances''.  

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