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The Duesberg Hypothesis







The Duesberg Hypothesis


The Duesberg hypothesis states that: AIDS is not caused by HIV

Other scientists and researchers who question the HIV-AIDS hypothesis include Kary Mullis, David Rasnick, Harvey Bialy, and Stefan Lanka. However, Duesberg is one of the most outspoken critics of the HIV hypothesis.

In support of the Duesberg hypothesis, Duesberg points to a statistical correlation between decreases in recreational drug use and decreases in reported AIDS cases. Likewise, the rapid increase of AIDS in the 1980s corresponded to epidemics of recreational drug use in the United States and Europe. Moreover, Duesberg asserts that treating AIDS with drugs such as AZT has proven to be more fatal than the recreational use of drugs such as heroin and cocaine. AZT is also problematic in that it induces abortion, generates birth defects, and causes cancer in animals born to AZT-treated mothers. Because of problems with AZT treatment, most AIDS patients are now treated with a cocktail of protease and transcriptase inhibitor drugs. However, these drug cocktails fail to work in 53% of reported cases.

Duesberg explains the prevalence of AIDS among male homosexuals in Western countries such as the United States by pointing to the prevalence of recreational drug use among male homosexuals in such countries. As reported in medical literature, male homosexuals in such countries use a great deal of sexual stimulants, including "poppers" (nitrate inhalants), amphetamines, ethyl chloride, cocaine, and heroin. Many of these drugs are known to inhibit the functioning of the body's immune system.

Duesberg also points to the fact that a significant number of AIDS victims die without any trace of HIV infection, and that reported AIDS cases in Africa, where no attempt is made to test for HIV infection, are not limited to risk groups such as drug addicts and male homosexuals. According to Duesberg, these AIDS cases are more readily explained by malnutrition, parasitic infection, and poor sanitation.

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Duesberg's Drug-AIDS Hypothesis

The paper Aids Caused by Drug Consumption and Other Noncontagious Risk Factors by Peter H. Duesberg (Associate Editor: D. Shugar) states, "Here the hypothesis is investigated that all American and European AIDS diseases, above the normal background of hemophilia and transfusion-related diseases, are the result of the log-term consumption of recreational and anti-HIV drugs."

   * "The appearance of AIDS in America in 1981 followed a massive escalation in the consumption of psychoactive drugs that started after the Vietnam War."
   * "... [T]he number of drug arrests in the U.S. has increased from about 450,000 in 1980 to 1.4 million in 1989."
   * "About 500 kg of cocaine were confiscated by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 1980, about 9000 kg in 1983, 80,000 kg in 1989, and 100,000 kg in 1990."
   * "In 1974, 5.4 million Americans had used cocaine at some point in their lives and in 1985 that number had gone up to 22.2 million."
   * The number of dosage units of domestic stimulants confiscated, such as amphetamines, increased from 2 million in 1981 to 97 million in 1989."
   * "... [B]etween 1981 and 1990 cocaine-related hospital emergencies increased 24-fold from 3296 to 80,355 and deaths from 195 to 2483."
   * "... [T]he recreational use of psychoactive and aphrodisiac nitrite inhalants began in the 1960s and reached epidemic proportions in the mid-1970s, a few years before AIDS appeared."
   * "Currently [1993] about 120,000 Americans and 180,000 HIV-positive persons worldwide, with and without AIDS, take AZT in efforts to inhibit HIV. This estimate is based on the annual AZT sales of $364 million and a wholesale price of $2000 per year for a daily dose of 500 mg AZT per person. In addition, an unknown number take other DNA chain terminators like ddI and ddC."
   * The same risk groups appear to be subject to both drug addiction and the "AIDS-defined diseases."

     (a) About 33% of American and European AIDS patients use drugs like heroin and cocaine.

     (b) About 60% of American AIDS patients are male homosexuals over the age of 20. They tend to be heavy users of toxic sexual stimulants such as "nitrite- and ethylchloride inhalants, cocaine, amphetamines, methalquolone, lysergic acid, phenylcyclidine... " Several surveys have indicated that practically all male homosexuals use such drugs.

     (c) An unknown percentage of AIDS patients are generated by the use of AZT.

     Add the 33%, the 60%, and the unknown AZT percentage and we are close to 100%. The correlation between drugs and the "AIDS defined diseases" is much higher than the correlation between HIV and the "AIDS defined diseases."
   * The cumulative use of drugs causes immunodeficiency. "From as early as 1909 evidence has accumulated that long-term concumption of psychoactive drugs leads to immune suppression and clinical abnormalities similar to AIDS... " A 1987 study of 65 HIV-positive "drug users from New York showed that their T-cell count dropped over nine months in proportion with drug injection, on average 35%... "
   * "Studies demonstrating AIDS-defining diseases in drug users in the absence of HIV are... censored by the virus-AIDS hypothesis. Before the general acceptance of this hypothesis in the U.S., there were numerous American studies blaming AIDS on recreational drugs... "
   * "The drug-AIDS hypothesis predicts that the AIDS diseases of the behavioral AIDS risk groups in the U.S. and Europe can be prevented by stopping the consumption of recreational and anti-HIV drugs... "

[I would venture that in addition to drugs, any toxic substances in the diet - particularly from processed food - including from pesticides and fertilizers - could contribute to immunodeficiency. This issue is covered in Report #TL09: How to Achieve Superhealth.]

Consequences of the Virus-AIDS Hypothesis
In terms of health benefits, the result of the virus-AIDS hypothesis is zero.

A huge "AIDS-industry" has been created. There are more than 40,000 AIDS researchers. They receive billions in taxpayer money every year. Biotechnology companies make fortunes from selling "AIDS-test kits." The manufacturer of AZT has a gross income of $350 million per year from AZT sales.

Rather than tell victims to change their behavior, the pretended "authorities" tell them to use clean needles and even hand out "free" needles to them. No moral judgment is being passed here about drug users or homosexuals - one way or the other. The point is that the pretended "authorities" continue spreading their AIDS lies, with the result that the real causes remain generally unknown, and prevention and successful treatment don't occur.

More than 50 countries restrict entry to people who have tested HIV-antibody-positive. In Cuba 600 antibody-positive people are quarantined. Antibody-positive people are being discriminated against in other ways.

A positive "AIDS test" has a devastating and debilitating psychological effect on most people. They see it as a "death sentence." It may lead them to effectively commit suicide by taking AZT.

And so, people continue to die - particularly those on AZT. No cure is in sight. The media are supplied with a stream of sensational stories. More and more money is demanded. As Kurt Vonnegut said, "And so it goes."


The Duesberg Phenomenon

read here, what “ScienceMag” wants the world to know about Peter Duesberg, the “Aids Critics” and why scientists support or disapprove the claim: “HIV causes AIDS”   source...


Prof. Duesberg´s website

Duesberg Peter, Ph.D. Site of Professor Peter H. Duesberg, Department of Molecular and cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley   website from Prof. Duesberg

Welcome to Peter Duesberg's CANCER research web site

Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D. is a professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

He isolated the first cancer gene through his work on retroviruses in 1970, and mapped the genetic structure of these viruses. This, and his subsequent work in the same field, resulted in his election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1986. He was also the recipient of a seven-year Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institute of Health.

In 1987 he claimed that HIV is not the cause of AIDS....  


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