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If you have never looked into the aids-controversy before, you may be surprised that there are quite a few books which having been written by top scientists and journalists. See below a brief selection.









Aids Videos







There are a few videos about the aids-controversy, which be interesting to watch...


Deconstructing the Myth of Aids - a very controversial film by Gary Null


Lee Evans Speaks Out about the HIV Tests - on youTube


THE OTHER SIDE OF AIDS - a film by Robin Scovill

Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn’t dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS.

After 20 years and more than $150 billion in federally funded research, scientists still can’t explain how HIV causes AIDS. Millions of people have been declared HIV-positive with tests that can’t find the actual virus. The latest AIDS medications are taking more lives than AIDS itself. One expert proposes that the cause and cure for AIDS is as near at hand as our willingness to examine new ideas. Yet according to a prominent AIDS researcher, anyone questioning HIV is a perpetrator of death and should be jailed. Should AIDS advocates have the power to silence scientific debate? Has saving face become more important than saving lives? Watch The Other Side of AIDS and decide for yourself. 


more AUDIO and VIDEO downloads

The truth is that the corporate-controlled news media has failed to air the following documetary films for the most part. Rare interviews, such as KLOS's interviews with ALIVE & WELL's Christine Maggiore, must be appreciated.

After your review of the following video and audio documentaries, you may conclude, as I have, that most of what we have been told about HIV and AIDS is a great big lie!   



With these radio- and videolinks, you have enough material to organize a small HEALTH-INFOTAINMENT PARTY. Pass the radio- and video links onto your friends...

If you haven't got the technical resources, consider that many people have the latest tec-features because they like playing games on the net, listen to music, watch videos or are even active artists or musicians.

So ask a friend or a "friend of a friend" if they would help with such a HEALTH-INFOTAINMENT PARTY. Start small, even 5-10 people initially will be enough to get the discussion started "IS HIV really the cause for AIDS?"

Try to get in touch with musicians, artists, journalists, students, health-care- and social workers, political activists and help spreading the word: "THERE ARE MANY OPEN SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS about HIV-AIDS"


Be persistent!!! The 23rd April 2005 was NOT intended as an ONE DAY ACTION but may be understood as the beginning of an ever increasing CAMPAIGN FOR TRUTH about "hiv-aids"

There are plenty of recourses on the internet, but we, the aids-critical activists have to be outgoing into general forums and other available internet platforms, so that more and more people become aware of the "AIDS CONTROVERSY"



ongoing aids-critical discussions...

Here is a list of presently ongoing aids-critical discussions. Perhaps join in and you might be able to make contact with people in your local area.

For more info see here >>

Portland Indymedia
Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

San Diego Indymedia
Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

SF Bay Area Indymedia
Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

Irish Indymedia
Why Bono and HIV/AIDS Inc will be stopped

Irish Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY

Bristol Indymedia / UK
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Sydney Indymedia / Australia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Melbourne Indymedia / Australia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Perth Indymedia / Australia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

India Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

South Africa Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Austria Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY

German dissident forum


see also >>

aids critics radio

aids critics day 2005

23rd april = critical aids day

23rd April 1984 aids press conference


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